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Integrate, Automate, Accelerate!​

Crafting bridges between your favourite apps, FlowMattic enables seamless automation of workflows, thus accelerating your business process efficiency

WordPress Plugins

Enjoy seamless compatibility among your WordPress plugins, or take a step further by integrating them with other apps

SaaS Applications

FlowMattic makes it a breeze to integrate hundreds of SaaS applications, enabling them to work in perfect harmony

Custom Web Apps

Integrate your bespoke apps and services seamlessly, automating routine tasks for elevated efficiency

Kickstart Your Automations in Simple Steps

While app integration can appear challenging and intricate, FlowMattic simplifies the process with a user-friendly interface and three easy steps

Step 1: Install Your Required Integrations

Unlock maximum productivity with FlowMattic. Connect with hundreds of SaaS applications, WordPress plugins, and services with ease and only install the integrations you need.

Step 2: Choose Your Trigger Application

A trigger is the event that kick-starts automation. It’s simply something that happens in one of your connected apps that sets off tasks in others. For instance, a new lead in your Google Lead Forms can activate your workflow to be executed instantly. That activating event is known as a trigger.

Step 3: Add Action Steps

Actions are the tasks you automate in your connected apps after the workflow is triggered. For example, when a new lead arrives from Google Lead Forms, you might want to notify your team on Slack, add the lead to your CRM, and send follow-up emails. All these tasks can be automated effortlessly using FlowMattic.

Voices of Success: User Experiences with FlowMattic

Experience the transformative power of FlowMattic through the lens of our valued users. Our clients have generously shared their insights after utilizing FlowMattic to optimize their workflows. We invite you to explore these reviews on G2 and Trustpilot, and allow their experiences to guide your decision-making process.

"Awesome WordPress Automation Plugin"

It is pretty intuitive (I am not a techie) and I was able to start using it on my production site within 30 minutes. The team has an extremely high speed of developing new integrations. You can send them requests and when other users are upvoting it you will see it developed in about 1-2 weeks. My automations are working fully stable. You can activate and deactivate each integration.

Holger Gruenhagen


"Zapier Alternative Without Any Limit on Tasks At Unbeatable Cost"

FlowMattic is helping to automate most of the manual tasks in online business. Not only this but it’s also helping to get the reminders for important tasks. Everything is simply amazing to automate anything. Simple, neat and clean user interface, core features such as schedule, delay, routers, conditions, run php functions etc. Powerful integrations, super fast speed of development and amazing customer support makes FlowMattic stand in the crowd.

Siddharth Pal


"Automate Workflows with FlowMattic"

Their powerful API module for connecting to any 3rd party service or app. You can do it via API or Webhooks. There are a lot of systems that aren’t popular enough to get these platforms to integrate to them, but having this module allows a junior dev to do it (or even a code enthusiast, since is pretty simple)

David Suescun


"Zapier Alternative Inside WordPress Website"

It’s easy to use, options are self-explanatory. FlowMattic has some very unique modules, like routers, iterators, and – one of the most useful ones – an API module. So, it’s possible to connect a WordPress website with any SaaS and share data between them. I can’t recall if any other WordPress automation tool allows that. One additional thing, the support was great. Nitin, the founder, has added a new feature I’ve asked for practically overnight.

Miljenko Bulaš


FlowMattic's Unparalleled Features Await You!

Unlock the Power of Precision with FlowMattic’s Expertly Crafted Features.
Seize the Moment to Transform Your Workflow. Get Started Today.

Unlimited Workflows

Create fully dynamic workflows without any limit. Each workflow can contain any number of steps. Your every possible automation will be handled carefully without any interruption.

Unlimited Task Executions

Unlike any other automation platform, FlowMattic does not charge for or limit on the task executions. Your workflow will keep recording every task till your hosting have the capacity to execute them.

Load Only Useful Applications

Though we have a number of applications and plugins integrated within FlowMattic, you have full control on loading only those you are going to use. If you don't use any, don't install it.

Schedule Workflows

Need to perform some tasks on certain time of the day, week, or monthly? No need to worry! Create a workflow and use schedule app trigger and set your desired time to run the workflow.

Custom Action Trigger

If you're developing something, and you want to integration your work with FlowMattic, you can simply create a workflow and select the custom action trigger to get the code to implement.

Powerful Webhooks

FlowMattic provides inbuilt webhooks trigger app that will help you receive data from any of the 3rd party app, that is not yet integrated. This will make sure you'll never left behind.

Dynamic Data Mapping

You can easily map data received in any previous steps in a workflow with the following action steps. You can even append or prepend custom text before and after the data placeholders.

Powerful API Module

Our API app module is very powerful, that you can connect any 3rd party service or app if you have received credentials like the API key, or access token etc. and forward data from the workflow.

Filters To The Rescue

Filters app is here to help you filter out the data based on certain conditions and tell the workflow whether to continue the execution or halt if conditions does not meet.

Task History

Each workflow execution is recorded under task history for your evaluation. Each task execution is presented with success or failed tag depend on the data received while execution.

Email Parser

Looking for a way to execute your workflows as soon you receive an email, or want to do advanced automations on the email content, want to extract important data from email? Email Parser is here.


Router module helps to manage the flow of data and direct it to the appropriate destinations within a set of actions. You can execute different set of actions based on the conditions using Router module.

Integrations with Endless Possibilities!

Dive into FlowMattic’s vast array of integrations, connecting your workflows with apps like Slack, Smartsheets, WordPress forms, CRM Plugins, WhatsApp, Google Sheets, various e-commerce plugins, and your favourite SaaS apps.