A Must Have no-code WordPress Automation Plugin!

Connect your WordPress plugins and external apps in a few clicks using FlowMattic. 
Move data between apps and your site effortlessly by automating workflows,
so you can focus on growing your business!

What customers are saying about FlowMattic?

Here are the reviews given by our customers after using FlowMattic to automate their workflows.
Don’t take our word for it. You can read all the review on G2 before taking your decision.

I am impressed with the level of support, profesionalism, innovation, and velocity to provide us with solutions and add new features to help us archive our business goals. Awesome.

- Anniel R


Easy to use, familiar UI for automating all kinds of wordpress tasks. Integrating all our plugins together is key and flowmattic fits the job perfectly.

- Ilan M


It is pretty intuitive (I am not a techie) and I was able to start using it on my production site within 30 minutes. The team has an extremely high speed of developing new integrations.

- Holger G


Automation has become essential today and services like Zapier or Make have understood this. Only sometimes particular features are needed if WordPress is at the heart of your ecosystem and FlowMattic is exactly there. With responsive support and almost weekly updates, this new WordPress plugin is already playing in the big leagues and promises clever workflows to take WordPress and its plugins to the next level.

- Ludovic C


The software works really well, and the team is adding integrations constantly, so I’m positive it eventually will catch up with Zapier. The flows are very easy to create and if you have any doubt, the team will give you great support. Flowmattic is helping to automate my work, so I don’t need to spend so much time on recurring actions or actions that takes time and are important, but actions that don’t really move the needle.

- Josecar P


Complete No Brainer. Automate your systems without paying for each “task” or “action“.  The best parts of Flowmattic is – user interface is great and intuitive,  Unlimited tasks is HUGE,  Founder is pushing out integrations at a great pace making it more and more useful by the day. Great product, great team, and the integrations are coming like a flood. So if they don’t have one you need yet, ask them, and it will come soon. Very fast iterating.

- David T

How Does FlowMattic Works?

With a few simple steps, you’ll be able to configure your workflows and create your automation easily!
Automate your routine tasks, right from your WordPress. No coding skills required!

Create New Workflow

In FlowMattic admin dashboard, click the button to create a new workflow. You need to perform this step only once per workflow.

Choose Trigger & Actions

Choose your triggering app to receive the data, and add action steps. You can add as many action steps as you need.

Publish Workflow

Test the workflow on each step, then save the workflow and publish it. Automation will start as soon your website receives data.

FlowMattic Features, that you'll get nowhere else!

FlowMattic is developed with utmost care and passion. With almost a year of development,
you can be rest assured about the quality solution you’ll get

Unlimited Workflows

Create fully dynamic workflows without any limit. Each workflow can contain any number of steps. Your every possible automation will be handled carefully without any interruption.

Unlimited Task Executions

Unlike any other automation platform, FlowMattic does not charge for or limit on the task executions. Your workflow will keep recording every task.

Load Only Useful Applications

Though we have a number of applications and plugins integrated within FlowMattic, you have full control on loading only those you are going to use. If you don't use any, don't install it.

Powerful Webhooks

FlowMattic provides inbuilt webhooks trigger app that will help you receive data from any of the 3rd party app, that is not yet integrated. This will make sure you'll never left behind.

Custom Action Trigger

If you're developing something, and you want to integration your work with FlowMattic, you can simply create a workflow and select the custom action trigger to get the code to implement.

Schedule Workflows

Need to perform some tasks on certain time of the day, week, or monthly? No need to worry! Create a workflow and use schedule app trigger and set your desired time to run the workflow.

Dynamic Data Mapping

You can easily map data received in any previous steps in a workflow with the following action steps. You can even append or prepend custom text before and after the data placeholders.

Filters To The Rescue

Filters app is here to help you filter out the data based on certain conditions and tell the workflow whether to continue the execution or halt if conditions does not meet.

Powerful API Module

Our API app module is very powerful, that you can connect any 3rd party service or app if you have received credentials like the API key, or access token etc. and forward data from the workflow.

Task History

Each and every workflow execution is recorded under task history for your evaluation. Each task execution is presented with success or failed tag depend on the data received while execution.

FlowMattic Integrations to Automate Your Workflows

All listed integrations are on our integrations page are available inside your WordPress dashboard,
and you don’t need to purchase anything other than FlowMattic!

flowmattic integration contact-form-7
Contact Form 7
WP Amelia
flowmattic integration pabbly-subscriptions
Pabbly Subscriptions
flowmattic integration fluentcrm
Fluent CRM
flowmattic integration mailchimp
flowmattic integration woocommerce
Gravity Forms
flowmattic integration whatsapp cloud api
WhatsApp Cloud API

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