Seamless API Connections at Your Fingertips. FlowMattic Connect Takes Your App Integration to New Heights

Unlock Infinite Possibilities with FlowMattic Connect. Integrate Any App
or Service with API Authentication for a Unified, Powerful Experience!​

Connect your API in 3 easy steps

Connecting your custom APIs has never been easier than this.


Create new connect and give it a name

When you click the + New Connect button on the FlowMattic Connects screen, you will be presented with this popup initially. Make sure to assign a name to your connection so that it can be easily identified when using it in the API module or integrating it elsewhere. This will streamline the process and make it more efficient.


Choose the authentication type

FlowMattic connect supports the following authentication type currently, that allows you to connect the supporting App:


Fill up the details and save the connect

You will be required to provide the API information such as the API key, Bearer Token etc. based on the authentication type you selected.

Once you provide the required details, click on the save connect button, and your new connect will be ready to use in API module, custom app you or the related integration.