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  • Personal

    $99 $199 / Yearly

    Pay in INR: ₹8299 / Yearly
    • Use on 1 website
    • Renews at $99/year
    • +1 site for free
    • Save $100/year

  • Developer

    $169 $299 / Yearly

    Pay in INR: ₹14167 / Yearly
    • Use on 5 websites
    • Renews at $169/year
    • Less than $34/year/site
    • Save $130/year

  • Business

    $249 $399 / Yearly

    Pay in INR: ₹20874 / Yearly
    • Use on 25 websites
    • Renews at $249/year
    • Less than $10/year/site
    • Save $150/year

  • Ultimate

    $349 $599 / Yearly

    Pay in INR: ₹29257 / Yearly
    • Use on 100 websites
    • Renews at $349/year
    • Less than $4/year/site
    • Save $250/year

All Plans Includes the Following Features


Our 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee!

We’re excited to have you try our product! We hope you’ll love it as much as we do. If you found that our product isn’t a good fit for your needs or it doesn’t work well on your site, just let us know, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price, if we’re unable to make it right for you 🙂

Nitin Yawalkar
Founder, FlowMattic

Voices of Success: User Experiences with FlowMattic

Experience the transformative power of FlowMattic through the lens of our valued users. Our clients have generously shared their insights after utilizing FlowMattic to optimize their workflows. We invite you to explore these reviews on G2 and Trustpilot, and allow their experiences to guide your decision-making process.

"Awesome WordPress Automation Plugin"

It is pretty intuitive (I am not a techie) and I was able to start using it on my production site within 30 minutes. The team has an extremely high speed of developing new integrations. You can send them requests and when other users are upvoting it you will see it developed in about 1-2 weeks. My automations are working fully stable. You can activate and deactivate each integration.

Holger Gruenhagen


"Zapier Alternative Without Any Limit on Tasks At Unbeatable Cost"

FlowMattic is helping to automate most of the manual tasks in online business. Not only this but it’s also helping to get the reminders for important tasks. Everything is simply amazing to automate anything. Simple, neat and clean user interface, core features such as schedule, delay, routers, conditions, run php functions etc. Powerful integrations, super fast speed of development and amazing customer support makes FlowMattic stand in the crowd.

Siddharth Pal


"Automate Workflows with FlowMattic"

Their powerful API module for connecting to any 3rd party service or app. You can do it via API or Webhooks. There are a lot of systems that aren’t popular enough to get these platforms to integrate to them, but having this module allows a junior dev to do it (or even a code enthusiast, since is pretty simple)

David Suescun


"Zapier Alternative Inside WordPress Website"

It’s easy to use, options are self-explanatory. FlowMattic has some very unique modules, like routers, iterators, and – one of the most useful ones – an API module. So, it’s possible to connect a WordPress website with any SaaS and share data between them. I can’t recall if any other WordPress automation tool allows that. One additional thing, the support was great. Nitin, the founder, has added a new feature I’ve asked for practically overnight.

Miljenko Bulaš


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do! You can head over to this page – Try for Free, and enter your name and email to get yourself a test site to play with Full version of FlowMattic. If you are able to see that FlowMattic can meet your expectations, feel free to make a purchase 🙂 

Every license key is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase, except the lifetime license. It is not required to renew the license. However, it is recommended to keep your license active as it provides you with the ongoing automatic updates and entitle you with free support for all your websites.

Yes! Our support is top-notch. Your license comes with a 1 year support validity, and lifetime license comes with support validity till you use the plugin. Our most of the customers have rated us 5-starts for our support quality.

Yes, if you want to upgrade, just reach out to us and we will do it for you after you pay only the difference amount at any time.

Yes! We offer full refund, if you request it within the 30 days from the date of purchase and only if there’s a serious issue and we fail to resolve it for you. If you want to try the plugin before making a purchase, you can do it here – Try for Free.

You need to register the plugin with the license key provided on your account page. Once you register the plugin, you’ll be notified in your WordPress dashboard whenever a new version is available, and you’ll be able to auto-update the plugin.

Your workflows and the automation will continue without any interruption except the workflows using email parser feature. You will not be able to get the plugin updates, integration updates and receive no support till you have an active license. Also, you won’t be able to connect new 3rd party services through connects, and create new custom apps, as it uses our servers to process the API connections.

Your site needs to meet the following requirements in order to use FlowMattic –

WordPress: 5.0 and above
PHP: 7.2 and above
WordPress Cron: Enabled

Yes, we do offer custom development. All we need is the API or developer documentation and a test account, if it is a 3rd party service, or if it is a plugin, then the plugin zip file with instructions about the integration. Please reach out to us via contact form on the customization page.

FlowMattic is a WordPress automation plugin, so you can create and manage your workflows right within your WordPress dashboard. Since it works on your own server, you are not limited by the number of task executions, which SaaS automation tools charge you for.

One of the key benefits of using FlowMattic on your WordPress site is that you own your data. So instead of allowing SaaS automation tools to have control over your data, you will have it in your safe hands. Also, SaaS automation tools provides you the log entries for last 30 days only, where FlowMattic allows you to set custom range to keep the logs for your workflows.

Not just that, FlowMattic provides you with the PHP based modules that allows you to introduce your own custom PHP Functions to go extra mile in your automation. Also, FlowMattic provides many core apps and features that no other SaaS automation tool provides.