Features You Require to
Complete Your Automation

FlowMattic is developed with utmost care and passion. With more than two years in development, you can be rest assured about the quality solution you’ll get.

Unlimited Workflows

Create fully dynamic workflows without any limit. Each workflow can contain any number of steps. Your every possible automation will be handled carefully without any interruption.

Unlimited Task Executions

Unlike any other automation platform, FlowMattic does not charge for or limit on the task executions. Your workflow will keep recording every task.

Load Only Useful Applications

Though we have a number of applications and plugins integrated within FlowMattic, you have full control on loading only those you are going to use. If you don't use any, don't install it.

Powerful Webhooks

FlowMattic provides inbuilt webhooks trigger app that will help you receive data from any of the 3rd party app, that is not yet integrated. This will make sure you'll never left behind.

Custom Action Trigger

If you're developing something, and you want to integration your work with FlowMattic, you can simply create a workflow and select the custom action trigger to get the code to implement.

Schedule Workflows

Need to perform some tasks on certain time of the day, week, or monthly? No need to worry! Create a workflow and use schedule app trigger and set your desired time to run the workflow.

Dynamic Data Mapping

You can easily map data received in any previous steps in a workflow with the following action steps. You can even append or prepend custom text before and after the data placeholders.

Filters To The Rescue

Filters app is here to help you filter out the data based on certain conditions and tell the workflow whether to continue the execution or halt if conditions does not meet.

Powerful API Module

Our API app module is very powerful, that you can connect any 3rd party service or app if you have received credentials like the API key, or access token etc. and forward data from the workflow.

Task History

Each and every workflow execution is recorded under task history for your evaluation. Each task execution is presented with success or failed tag depend on the data received while execution.

Delay Module

You can delay performing the next action step for a specified amount of period. It can be either mins/hrs/days/weeks or any specific date and time.

Failed Tasks Notification

Get notified whenever a task in a workflow is failed with the details about the failure. Set the You can set the email you want to receive the notification or turn it off if not required.

Iterator Module

Loop through the JSON array in your workflow and execute the following steps repeatedly till there's data in the array. Save your time from checking each item in the array yourself.

Email Module

Worried about getting your emails into spam? Setting up SMTP costs too much? FlowMattic's Email Module lets you connect to any SMTP provider and get your emails delivered to inbox.

PHP Functions Module

Looking to call your custom PHP function and pass parameters to your function from the data received in your workflow? This is for you. Call any publicly accessible function from your workflow.

PHP Array Module

Get single item or multiple items from an array received in your workflow. Search for a term to get the array key or get count of the array items with PHP Array Module.

Email Parser

Email Parser extracts data from the incoming email sent to the mentioned email address. All data like email name, subject, the body of the email, etc. is extracted from the email automatically.

User Based Workflows

Share your workflows access with any user who you want to manage your workflows or appoint someone as your FlowMattic workflow manager to get job done.

Conditionally Execute Action Steps

Do you want to execute your action step based on certain conditions? You can now add conditions to do so and your action step will be executed only if conditions meet.

Routers Module

Router allows you to execute different actions based on different filter conditions you set for each route. A router can have any number of routes with any number of action steps.

Plugin Actions Module

Connecting any WordPress plugin as trigger with the action hooks opens up endless possibilities and you don't need to wait for the native integration within FlowMattic.

Search the Task History

When a task fails for some reasons, and you want to look into your history for particular data, this tiny feature will help you search through your task history for the captured responses.

Re-execution of Workflows

You can now re-execute your failed workflows or successful workflows as well to check the different results with different outputs. You can easily edit the trigger response of any workflow in task history before re-executing the workflow.

Authenticate Incoming Webhooks

Webhook authentication is a unique feature FlowMattic provides. When any app requires you to authenticate your incoming webhooks for security reasons, this feature will help. With FlowMattic, you can authenticate your incoming webhooks.

Custom Response for Webhook App

You can set the custom response message in webhook response. Whenever an app requires a different response to validate the webhooks, you can do that with FlowMattic with no issues.

One Click Workflow Clone

Cloning the workflow is now a lot easier. Just click the clone workflow icon and your workflow will be cloned instantly. You can use the cloned workflow to test different apps for your workflow.

Step Description or Notes

Add some description for the action step explaining the use-case etc. for your own understanding, or when you are handling the workflow to someone, he will better understand what the particular action step does etc.

Schedule Workflows Every x Minutes

FlowMattic scheduled workflows allows you to schedule your workflow execution for every x number of minutes. You can now set your workflow to be executed every 5 minutes, 10 minutes or any number of minutes between 1 and 59.

Autosave Workflows Feature

FlowMattic will autosave your changes immediately, no matter if the workflow is Live or not. This will save your time in case something goes wrong; you won’t need to start from scratch.

Install/Uninstall Integrations

Need only a few integrations? No issues, you can install only those integrations you need and also uninstall those you don't need anymore with just a click of a button.

Counter Module

The Counter module increases or decreases the set number whenever the workflow executes. So you can perform different actions based on the number, like sending WhatsApp messages to your team with Round Robin method.

Iterator Storage

FlowMattic iterator is a powerful module that helps you loop through JSON data objects. Using Iterator Storage module, you can store the data as a string or an array while the workflow execution is in place, and use the stored data later after the iterator is finished.

Date/Time Formatter

Effortlessly convert and manage date and time in your preferred formats. With Date/Time Formatter, you can now perform operations such as adding or removing date and time from the given date etc. without additional efforts.

Text Formatter

Efficiently manipulate text to fit your needs. The Text Formatter module allows you to convert text cases, utilize find-replace functions, and execute regex operations. It's your go-to tool for ensuring text is structured and presented precisely as you envision.

CSV Parser Module

You can now parse the CSV files right within your workflow in a JSON data and loop through each item to perform additional actions with the help of CSV Parser module in FlowMattic.

Webpage Parser

Ever wanted to get information of the webpage like the metadata, title, description or the schema? Now you can extract such information using the webpage parser module in FlowMattic without any additional configuration.