FlowMattic Affiliate Program.
Refer Once, Earn For Lifetime!

Refer FlowMattic to your friends or clients and earn upto $70/per sale, every year till they renew their license.


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How much can I earn?

Earning with FlowMattic is really easy and your every single referral will become an asset for you till they renew their license every year. We offer 20% commission on every new sale you refer and its renewal as well. No reducing commission, that’s the promise!

Now, talking about the numbers, let’s assume some and do some math around them. Consider you just refer 1 sale each week of our Ultimate plan which is currently discounted with 50% off, and you earn 4 referrals a month. It gives you $70 per sale. Here’s what you can earn –

4 Referrals in 1 month x $70       = $280
In 6 months, 24 Referrals x $70  = $1,680
In 1 year, 48 Referrals x $70        = $3,360

After 1 year, you’ll keep receiving $280 / month if your referred subscribers renew their subscription 😉

Isn’t that easy? This is just if you refer 1 sale per week, and 4 sales a month. FlowMattic is a must-have plugin with a huge potential for new users and you have a great opportunity to present it to your friends and followers to earn more.

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