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    We’re giving test sites to users who are truly interested in FlowMattic. We’ll make a test site for you, make you the admin, and share the login details in just a few minutes to the email you shared. This way, we can manage our server resources effectively.

    Your test site will be active for 8 hours. You will see the timer in the admin bar to know how much time is remaining. Once the timer reaches zero, your test site and the test site data will be deleted automatically.

    Uploading or installing new plugins is not possible. However, if you need to test a particular plugin, you can just email the plugin zip file to [email protected], and we will upload it for you. The uploaded plugin will be available for other users as well, however, if it is a premium plugin, other users will need to enter their own license key in order to use it on their test site.

    You can install any integration you want to use. However, you won’t be able to delete the installed integration on the test site, as other users might using it.

    Not at all! The test site data is completely yours and only you can access the connected accounts and they will be deleted once your test site is deleted. Only the plugin and integration files are shared between the test sites to save space.