FlowMattic 4.2.0: A Comprehensive Update

We are excited to announce the release of version 4.2.0, packed with new features, improvements, and essential fixes to enhance your automation experience. Released on June 12, 2024, this update brings powerful capabilities to streamline your workflows and offers a smoother, more efficient user experience. Let’s dive into the details.

New Features

  1. XML Parser Module: One of the most anticipated features, the XML Parser module, is now available. This module allows users to parse XML files with ease, enabling more complex data manipulations and integrations.
  2. Webhooks Request Headers: Webhooks now display request headers in the response. This enhancement provides better visibility and control over the data being sent and received, making debugging and development more straightforward.
  3. Response Filter Hook: For developers, a new response filter hook has been introduced. This hook allows you to update the response received from any webhook, before it is used in the workflow. This level of customization ensures that you can tailor the data flow to meet specific requirements.
  4. Date Time Formatter Actions:
    • Modify Date Format: This new action within the Date Time Formatter module lets you modify date formats effortlessly, accommodating various regional and contextual needs.
    • Calculate Age: Also within the Date Time Formatter module, the Calculate Age action simplifies age calculations based on date inputs, perfect for applications requiring age data processing.
  5. Workflow Management Actions in FlowMattic Tools:
    • Turn on Workflow: This action enables you to activate workflows programmatically, offering greater control and automation.
    • Turn off Workflow: Conversely, you can now turn off workflows programmatically, enhancing automation capabilities for temporary suspensions or workflow management.
    • Get workflow status: Want to check the status of your workflow anytime or want to get alerts with the workflow status? Just check the workflow status using this action and you are good to go.


  1. Expanded Time Formats: The Date Time Formatter module now supports more time formats, giving users greater flexibility in handling date and time data.
  2. Upcoming Integrations Compatibility: FlowMattic 4.2.0 has been updated to be compatible with some upcoming integrations, ensuring a smooth transition and continued functionality as new tools and services are introduced.
  3. Iterator in Router: The Router module now supports the use of Iterator, providing more advanced routing capabilities within workflows. This improvement helps in handling complex data processing and routing scenarios efficiently.

Bug Fixes

  1. Dynamic Map Toggle:
    • Appearance Issue: Previously, the dynamic map toggle was appearing for all input fields in some action steps where it was not required. This issue has been resolved, ensuring that the toggle appears only where necessary.
    • Functionality Issue: The dynamic map toggle was not working well with required fields. This fix ensures that required fields now interact correctly with the dynamic map toggle, improving the user experience.
  2. Task History Page: Users on PHP 8.3 were encountering a PHP warning on the task history page when there was a change in application or action event. This issue has been addressed, ensuring a smoother experience with the task history feature.
  3. Dynamic Tag Value Retention: In the Email and WordPress post editor, dynamic tag values were not being retained if only the dynamic tag was added without additional content. This fix ensures that dynamic tags hold their values correctly, even without additional content.


FlowMattic 4.2.0 brings significant enhancements that improve functionality, user experience, and developer capabilities. With new modules, improved features, and critical bug fixes, this update is set to empower users with better automation tools and more robust workflows. Upgrade to FlowMattic 4.2.0 today and explore these exciting new features and improvements!

Stay tuned for more updates and happy automating!

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