FunnelKit Automations ( Autonami )

FunnelKit Automations ( Formerly Autonami ) is a powerful WordPress marketing automation engine that allows you to automate your marketing workflows. Connect Autonami with 100s of apps to automate your workflows using FlowMattic.

Version: 1.0

Workflow Examples

Workflow Name Applications

When new contact added in Autonami, create a user in WordPress and send him welcome message through WhatsApp

FunnelKit Automations ( Autonami )
WhatsApp Cloud API

When form submission is received in Fluent Forms, create a new contact in Autonami and add new row in Google Spreadsheet

Fluent Forms
FunnelKit Automations ( Autonami )
Google Spreadsheets

When customer closes a ticket in Fluent Support, remove a tag from contact in Autonami

Fluent Support
FunnelKit Automations ( Autonami )

When user watches complete video in Presto Player, add a tag to the contact in Autonami

Presto Player
FunnelKit Automations ( Autonami )

When a new form submission is received in Gravity Forms, check if the email is valid using MailRefine, and create new contact in Autonami

Gravity Forms
FunnelKit Automations ( Autonami )

When webhook data is received, get the contact by email from Autonami, send the contact data back to webhook response

FunnelKit Automations ( Autonami )
Webhook Response

When user completes a lesson in Tutor LMS, add tag to the contact in Autonami

Tutor LMS
FunnelKit Automations ( Autonami )

When new ticket is created in Freshdesk, add ticket details to Google Spreadsheet, add a tag to contact in Autonami

Google Spreadsheets
FunnelKit Automations ( Autonami )

All actions and triggers available in
FunnelKit Automations ( Autonami )


When this happens..

  • Contact Subscribed

  • Contact Unsubscribed

  • List Added to Contact

  • List Removed From Contact

  • Tag Added to Contact

  • Tag Removed From Contact


Do this..

  • Create New Contact

  • Update Contact

  • Add Lists to Contact

  • Add Tags to Contact

  • Remove Lists From Contact

  • Remove Tags From Contact

  • Get Contact by Email

  • Get Contact by Contact ID

  • Get Contact by User ID

  • Get Contacts by Tags

  • Get Contacts by Lists

  • Get Contacts by Status