WP Fusion

WP Fusion integrates your WordPress site with your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Version: 1.0

Workflow Examples

Workflow Name Applications

When tag added to user in WP Fusion, send an email to user in Groundhogg

WP Fusion

When tag removed from user in WP Fusion, Delete the user account in WordPress

WP Fusion

When form submission received in Typeform, Create new contact in MailPoet and apply tags using WP Fusion

WP Fusion

When new order received in WooCommerce, Get contact details from Salesforce using WP Fusion and send WhatsApp template message

WP Fusion
WhatsApp Cloud API

When Checkout Complete in HeySummit, add a tag in Active Campaign using WP Fusion

WP Fusion

All actions and triggers available in
WP Fusion


When this happens..

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    Tags Added to User

    Triggers when tags are added to user

  • wpfusion.png

    Tags Removed From User

    Triggers when tags are removed to user

  • wpfusion.png

    User Tags Modified

    Triggers when tags are modified for user


Do this..

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    Get Contact ID

    Looks up a contact ID in the CRM by email address

  • wpfusion.png

    Get Tags for Contact

    Loads a contact's tags from the CRM

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    Apply Tag(s)

    Applies one or more tags to a contact

  • wpfusion.png

    Remove Tag(s)

    Removes one or more tags to a contact