Email SMTP

FlowMattic's Email Module lets you connect to any SMTP provider and get your emails delivered to inbox.

Version: 1.0

Workflow Examples

Workflow Name Applications

When a Contact Form 7 submission received, validate the email using Emailable, check if response is valid using Filters, and send an email to the email address using Email Module

Contact Form 7
Email SMTP

When a new contact created in Fluent CRM, create a new user in WordPress, and send a welcome email using Email module

Email SMTP

When a new ticket is created in, send an automated email to user using Email Module
Email SMTP

When a form submission is received in Gravity Forms, create a new ticket in, and email the ticket details using Email Module

Gravity Forms
Email SMTP

When a new lead is captured in, create new customer in WooCommerce, and send welcome email using Email Module
Email SMTP

When a new booking is created in Probooking, add a subscriber in Campaign Monitor, and email booking details using Email Module

Campaign Monitor
Email SMTP

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Email SMTP


When this happens..

  • No triggers available.


Do this..

  • Send Email

    Send an email using WP Default mail provider or custom SMTP