PHP Functions

Looking to call your custom PHP function and pass parameters to your function from the data received in your workflow? This is for you. Call any publicly accessible function from your workflow.

Version: 1.0

Workflow Examples

Workflow Name Applications

When form submission is received in Contact Form 7, call PHP Date() function to get the current date and time using PHP Functions Module, and add the data to Google Spreadsheets

Contact Form 7
PHP Functions
Google Spreadsheets

When data received in Webhook, call WordPress function get_user_by and pass parameters "by => email" and "email => email_id" to get user details, then check if check if the user exists, and create a new contact in FluentCRM

PHP Functions

When form submission received in Gravity Forms with a field value as base64 encoded string, call PHP function base64_decode and pass the field value to decode it, and update user meta in WordPress with the decoded value

Gravity Forms
PHP Functions

When a new order is created in WooCommerce, loop through the line items using Iterator, call WooCommerce PHP function wc_get_product to get the product data for the product ID, and add details to Google Spreadsheet

PHP Functions
Google Spreadsheets

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PHP Functions


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    Call any PHP function and pass data from your workflow