A Helpdesk Solution build to help Customer Care Services with its smart and sleek features like Ticketing System, Live Chat, Knowledge Base and various useful integrations.

Version: 1.0

Workflow Examples

Workflow Name Applications

When a form submission is received in Contact Form 7, create a new ticket in

Contact Form 7

When a new customer is created in, create a new user in WordPress

When a ticket priority is changed in, send WhatsApp template message to support executive using WA.Team
WhatsApp by WA.Team

When a new ticket is created in, add the ticket details to Google Spreadsheet
Google Spreadsheets

When a new submission is received in Typeform, check if a field value matches to a string, and create a new customer in


When a new subscription is created in Stripe, create a new customer in and add subscription details to Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheets

All actions and triggers available in


When this happens..

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    New Ticket

    Triggers when new ticket is created

  • desku.png

    Change Ticket Agent

    Triggers when the ticket agent changes

  • desku.png

    Change Ticket Priority

    Triggers when the ticket priority is changed

  • desku.png

    Change Ticket Status

    Triggers when the ticket status is changed

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    Change Ticket Tag

    Triggers when someone tags a ticket in your Desku

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    Add New Customer

    Triggers when a customer is created

  • desku.png

    Update Customer

    Triggers when a customer is updated in your Desku

  • desku.png

    Add/Update Customer

    Triggers when a customer is created or updated in your Desku


Do this..

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    Create Ticket

    Create a new ticket in Desku

  • desku.png

    Create Customer

    Create a new customer in Desku