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Version: 1.0

Workflow Examples

Workflow Name Applications

When new user registered, add new member in contact list on MailChimp


When new post is published, add the details to Google Spreadsheet as new row

Google Spreadsheets

When Contact Form 7 form is submitted, create a new user in WordPress and add subscriber in Sendinblue

Contact Form 7

When new media file is uploaded, save it to Google Drive

Google Drive

When Elementor Pro form is submitted, create a new post in WordPress and create shortlink using Replug


When data received from a webhook, create a new user or post in WordPress


All actions and triggers available in


When this happens..

  • New User

    Triggers when a new user is registered

  • New Post

    Triggers when a new post is published

  • New Media

    Triggers when a new media is uploaded

  • New Comment

    Triggers when a new comment is added

  • Update Post

    Triggers when a published post is updated

  • User Login

    Triggers when an user logs into the site

  • User Visits a Page/Post

    Triggers when an user visit page, post or any post type singular page

  • User Deletes a Post

    Triggers when an user delete post of any post type

  • Post Meta Updated

    Triggers when post meta is updated

  • User Profile Updated

    Triggers when user profile is updated

  • User Resets Password

    Triggers when user resets the password

  • User Deleted

    Triggers when user is deleted from the database


Do this..

  • New User

    Create a new user

  • New Post

    Create a new post

  • New Media

    Create a new media

  • Update User Meta

    Update User Metadata

  • Add Role to User

    Add role to existing user roles of an user

  • Change User Role

    Change user role of an existing user and set new role

  • Remove User Role

    Remove user role of an existing user

  • Delete User

    Delete user account from site

  • Update Post

    Update existing post of any post type with custom fields

  • Get User by ID

    Get an user profile by ID

  • Get User by Email

    Get an user profile by Email

  • Create Category

    Create a new category

  • Create Tag

    Create a new post tag