Maths Module

FlowMattic provides Maths module that will help you do certain mathematical calculations in your workflow. You can use the dynamic tags to provide data to your math equation to get better results.

Version: 1.0

Workflow Examples

Workflow Name Applications

When user watches the video partially in Presto Player, divide the percentage by 10 and add the math value returned as points to a lead in UpViral

Presto Player
Maths Module

When user attempts a quiz and achieve percentage less than 50 in Tutor LMS, add 10 bonus points and add the user details to Google Sheets

Tutor LMS
Maths Module
Google Spreadsheets

When new submission received in Fluent Forms, do math calculation on the number field data and add the data to FluentCRM custom fields

Fluent Forms
Maths Module

All actions and triggers available in
Maths Module


When this happens..

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Do this..

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    Execute Math Equation

    Provide your math equation to execute and get results